Surprise Proposal Photographer in Barcelona

        Are you planning a surprise proposal for your partner whilst in Barcelona? Would you like to have every moment captured by a professional and discreet photographer?
        A photographer who could help you arrange not only the secret proposal, and recommend you the best places for a proposal in Barcelona, but also relieve the pressure as well by doing everything possible to make things happen smoothly?

        Look no further! We can’t wait to hear your surprise marriage proposal plans!

        We love being the secret accomplice to any surprise proposals in Barcelona. Planning a surprise proposal is super exciting and a lot of fun, and besides taking professional photos sometimes you may just want a little extra advice, so let’s talk!

        And how does it work?

        Well, let us share a few things we have experienced that add to the perfect surprise proposal for you and your partner here in Barcelona.

        Let’s make a plan!

        First up, contact us and let’s arrange a time & place and to put all the ideas on the table. We want to know what exactly you have in mind, what is the best place for you!? Is it the gothic streets of Barcelona or the hillsides of Catalonia? Or maybe, your surprise proposal will be in the iconic Park Güell overlooking Barcelona city. We understand that planning a secret proposal is about as top secret as it gets so don’t be afraid to send us a message at 11 pm. We are available anytime for you.

        It’s getting closer!

        As the moment approaches, we will set up exact locations and times. You will have a picture of us, so you can easily spot us inconspicuously about whenever you arrive. Don’t worry, we are ALWAYS there in advance, so no pressure, take your time, we will be waiting.

        The Proposal - “She said yes!”

        So of course, she says “Yes”! The big moment has passed and you have nothing to worry about. We will have taken all your secret proposal photos so you can relive the secret engagement again and again. What’s better than that? And this is when we come up to congratulate the two of you with a bottle of Catalan champagne and to add to it all and to complete the proposal reportage we take some more engagement photos… ♥

        Meet Anna and Heidi, we are ready to turn your proposal into an unforgettable love story!

        Anna is one happy photographer who’s head over heels for capturing surprise proposals. She pours her heart into creating the perfect moment, ensuring your emotions are etched into every photograph.
        And then there’s Heidi, the NYC native, a very talented photographer, and a wonderful person who joined Anna a few years ago.

        As Heidi says: “Photography, to me, is not just a job; it’s a privilege to capture the most pivotal moments in people’s lives. Whether it’s the excitement before a proposal, the tearful “Yes!” or the joyous celebration afterward, I love turning these moments into timeless images.”

        And what sets us apart? It’s the genuine connection we build with our clients. We don’t just take pictures; we weave your unique story into every frame. Our photoshoots are all about laughter, love, and a laid-back vibe. Because, let’s face it, genuine emotions shine brightest when you’re being your authentic selves.
        Ready to turn your proposal into beautiful photographs? Let’s chat and make your love story moments last a lifetime!

        Let’s make a plan!

        Thank you for contacting us, we are so excited to be part of your surprise proposal!
        So, first up, we should book a date, arrange a time & place and put all the ideas on the table. We want to know what exactly you have in mind, so we can create the best surprise plan together and make it happen! Count on us with all necessary tips and recommendations!