5 Tips for Planning a Surprise Proposal in Barcelona

        Yay! So exciting to plan a surprise proposal! I am happy for you; it’s so special to have someone in your life you feel like you wanna grow old together with.

        Well, I have been part of some beautiful proposals in Barcelona, and I would love to share my experience here with you and maybe ease the pressure of secret planning for you!
        So, if you have already done some ring shopping, it’s time to make plans! Here are some tips to help you plan your marriage proposal in Barcelona and make the most of the experience for both of you!

        Photography spots Barcelona

        Need a partner in crime for your surprise marriage proposal plans!? Look no further!

        1. Choosing a photographer:

        The best way to capture and treasure these moments and announce your engagement to your loved ones is to hire an experienced proposal photographer from Barcelona. 

        An experienced photographer may not only capture the special moment for you in beautiful engagement photographs but also help you make the best plan. Pointing out anything you may not have thought of or didn’t know, especially if it’s your first time in Barcelona. Consider the photographer your “partner in crime” for planning the best surprise proposal ever!

        You may want to do some research and look at different portfolios and reviews to find a photographer who preferably has some proposal galleries on their website. This will help you in seeing if their style works for you and if they’re easy and great to work with.

        2. Finding the best proposal place:

        Barcelona offers many romantic and unique spots for a proposal. Put your cards on the table with your photographer and brainstorm which place would be the most meaningful fit for you. 

        I am a sunset and sunrise lover, so I can recommend some beautiful places where you can witness a sunset with Barcelona’s view or a sunrise over the sea. There are also some hidden gems within the city, plus natural sceneries that can be the perfect spot for you! Check out some location suggestions here on where to propose in Barcelona.

        Another tip when choosing a place is to keep in mind the lighting and possible tourist crowds. This is where we can work side-by-side in choosing the right time and day to schedule your surprise proposal.

        3. Preparing for the day:

        Photographer, check. Location, check. Schedule, check. Now it’s time to prepare for the big day! 

        I recommend doing a virtual tour of the location on Google Maps, especially if it’s your first time in Barcelona. Also, make sure to exchange contact details (don’t forget to mute or archive the conversation) and photos of yourself with your photographer to make it easy to spot each other on the day itself.

        As a proposal photographer, I usually consider a plan B as well in case of bad weather in the city.

        Best photography spots Barcelona

        4. Choosing an outfit:

        When choosing an outfit, I recommend simply wearing what you feel like! Some couples opt for natural tones to fit any background and won’t steal attention from the proposal and the ring. Some also make it a point to dress up because it really is such a special, once-in-a-lifetime moment, then I would suggest finding a good excuse without spoiling the surprise, maybe a reservation in a nice restaurant afterward could be a good one?

        5. Additional photographer services:

        Would you like to make it more personal — like hiring a musician or ordering flowers? I’d be more than happy to help you find the best local suppliers to make all these come true. 

        I also make it a point to bring champagne and glasses so you and your partner can enjoy a sip as I take photos after the proposal! (non-alcoholic bubbles are also an option)

        And, if you are worried about coordinating everything and finding the perfect angle for the photo once you arrive at the arranged spot without being suspicious. To take off some of the stress, the following could help;

        • Ask your photographer to come with an assistant
        • Once you arrive, approach the assistant and ask them to “take a picture” of you two
        • Get ready for the picture; put aside your coats, sunglasses, purse, etc.
        • Hand your phone to them, and once you pose, the assistant will switch the phone to video mode and record the proposal moment for you while I take the actual photos

        Does that sound like a plan!?

        I hope this guide helps you plan the perfect Barcelona proposal! 

        To sum up, find an experienced Barcelona proposal photographer who gives you a good feeling so you can confidently share your plans and ideas with them. There’s no need to stress as long as you have a great “partner in crime” who can bring your dream surprise proposal to life.

        And once you confirm everything, just enjoy the butterfly in your stomach and the excitement of having someone so special in your life to make this surprise plan for, who makes it worth going through all those nervous moments :) 

        My Client's Experience

        Anna is absolutely great! From the initial contact to the final delivered shoot, Anna went above and beyond. Great communication, planning was excellent and the photoshoot itself was an amazing experience and captured the moment excellently. Her style is wonderful and I couldn't have dreamt of better pictures. She helped me plan my perfect surprise proposal in a city, country, I've never been before. She was ready, hidden in plain site, to perfectly capture the moment and then treat us to an excellent photo shoot after, making it fun and exciting. The delivery of the pictures was super fast and were stunning. I really couldn't have asked for a better professional to work with. My fiancé was immediately asking how we get her for the wedding!


        My Client's Experience

        Anna was absolutely amazing. She helped my fiancé plan our proposal and came with drinks and champagne glasses and just made the whole experience so beautiful. The pictures are STUNNING and I am so happy he found her to make this experience so special. Highly highly recommend.


        My Client's Experience

        Scheduled a trip to Spain with my Fiancé and family from the U.S. I planned to surprise my fiancé with engagement photos and a surprise proposal. Everything I pictured in my mind went even better than expected. Anna helped me through the process of setting everything up prior to the meet. She was very responsive making plans with the time zone difference and very helpful as a professional since I’m not a photographer naturally. My fiancé and I thought she was perfect for us, not pushy at all but had a good vision for pictures and where to go. Definitely helpful and we were so happy with how the pictures turned out. I did some thorough research online to try to find a photographer and I’m glad I found Anna. Her prices are a lot more reasonable and most of all her quality is outstanding. I would highly recommend her for any photography needed.

        Thanks a lot for capturing this never forgetting moment!!


        My Client's Experience

        I recently had the privilege of working with Anna for one of the most special moments of my life, and I cannot express how grateful I am to have chosen her for this unforgettable experience. From start to finish, Anna exceeded all expectations and delivered an exceptional service that left me in awe. First and foremost, Anna has an extraordinary gift for capturing genuine emotions in her photographs. The way she effortlessly freezes moments in time, encapsulating the love, joy, and excitement that were shared during my surprise proposal, is truly remarkable. Every time I look at the photographs, I am transported back to that magical day, reliving the emotions and memories as if they were happening all over again. Anna's ability to capture the essence of those precious moments is truly a testament to her talent and skill as a photographer. Throughout the planning process, Anna was an absolute pleasure to work with. She listened attentively to my ideas and desires, and her passion for her craft shone through as she provided valuable insights and suggestions. Anna's professionalism and dedication to creating an unforgettable experience were evident from our very first conversation. She took the time to understand my vision and worked closely with me to ensure that every aspect of the surprise engagement was flawlessly executed.
        I highly recommend Anna to anyone seeking a professional photographer in Spain. Her artistic eye, talent, and dedication to capturing authentic emotions are unparalleled. Choosing Anna for your photography needs will undoubtedly result in stunning, heartfelt images that will be cherished for a lifetime.

        Thank you, Anna, for the exceptional work and the priceless memories you have given us. We will be forever grateful.

        Thanks a lot for capturing this never forgetting moment!!


        My Client's Experience

        I did a surprise proposal photo shoot with Anna on the 7th of January, and I must say I made the right decision by picking Anna as the photographer. She helped me plan everything, recommended me some places, and she really did amazing on the day! She was so professional, my partner didn’t even notice that the photographer was there. We also received the photos really quickly, only two days, and they are amazing. I really recommend Anna to everyone! PS: we are a gay couple and Anna did a good job of making us relax. Definitely LGBT friendly.


        Let’s make a plan!

        Please feel free to reach me anytime if you want me to get involved in your plans, will be looking forward to hearing from you!