5 Tips for Planning a Surprise Proposal in Barcelona

        Yay! So exciting to plan a surprise proposal! I am happy for you; it’s so special to have someone in your life you feel like you wanna grow old together with. Well, I have been part of some very unique and beautiful proposals in Barcelona, and I would love to share here with you my experience and maybe ease the pressure of secret planning for your!
        So if you have already done some ring shopping, it’s time to make plans! Here are some tips to help you plan your marriage proposal in Barcelona and make the most of the experience for both of you!

        Proposal Ciutadella Park Barcelona

        Need a partner in crime for your surprise marriage proposal plans!? Look no further!

        1. Choosing a photographer:

        The best way to capture and treasure these moments as well as announce your engagement with your loved ones is to hire a wedding photographer from Barcelona. 

        An experienced photographer may not only capture the special moment for you in beautiful engagement photographs but also help you make the best plan. Pointing out anything you may not have thought of or didn’t know (especially if it’s your first time in Barcelona) and of course, to be your “partner in crime” for your surprise proposal! 

        You may want to do some research and look at different portfolios to find a photographer who fits your style and who preferably has some proposal galleries on their website. 

        Once you’ve chosen your photographer, make sure you exchange all important information such as your ideas, your likes, and preferences, as well as your WhatsApp number (don’t forget to mute or archive the conversation), and of course your photos so you can easily spot each other the day of the proposal. 

        2. The best proposal place:

        Barcelona offers many romantic and unique spots for a proposal. Just put your cards on the table with your photographer and brainstorm which place would be the most meaningful fit for you. 

        Personally, I am a sunset and sunrise lover, so I can recommend you some beautiful places where you can contemplate a sunset with Barcelona’s view or a sunrise over the sea. I also love Barcelona’s hidden gems, as well as nearby treasures such as the Montserrat mountains. Check some location suggestions here,  let’s see if you get inspired or if we find another original place just for you! 

        Also, when choosing a place, keep in mind the lighting and possible tourist crowds. You may want to ask your photographer for a piece of advice on when would be the best time to schedule your proposal. 

        Best Proposal Spots in Barcelona

        3. Preparing for the day:

        So, once you have chosen the place and your photographer, let’s get prepared for the big day. You may want to do a virtual tour of the location on Google Maps to familiarize yourself with the area.

        Exchange numbers and photos with your photographer, so it will be easy to spot each other on the proposal day.

        Additionally, you should consider a plan B or double-check your photographer’s flexibility on dates in case of bad weather.

        4. Choosing an outfit:

        When choosing an outfit, maybe consider natural tones that will look good in photographs and won’t steal the attention of the proposal and the ring. Try to find a good excuse to dress up a bit, maybe a reservation in a nice restaurant afterward could be a good one?

        5. Additional services:

        Would you like to make it more personal, maybe by hiring a musician or ordering flowers for the proposal!? I am sure that your photographer knows some good local suppliers and will be happy to help to arrange that for you as well.

        And, if you are worried about how to coordinate everything and find the perfect angle for the photo once you arrive at the arranged spot without being suspicious. To take off some of the stress the following could help;

        • Ask your photographer to come with an assistant
        • Once you arrive, approach the assistant and ask them to “take a picture” of you two
        • Get ready for the picture; put aside your coats, sunglasses, purse, etc.
        • You hand your phone to them and once you pose, she/he will switch the phone to video mode and record the proposal moment for you

        Does that sound like a plan!?

        I hope this guide helps you plan the perfect Barcelona proposal! 

        To sum up; find someone experienced who gives you a good feeling, so you can share your plans and trust them with the logistics. A wedding photographer or event planner could be the best choice. 
        And once you confirm everything, just enjoy the butterfly in your stomach and the excitement of having someone so special in your life to make this surprise plan for, who makes it worth going through all those nervous moments :) 

        Let’s make a plan!

        Please feel free to reach me anytime if you want me to get involved in your plans, will be looking forward to hearing from you!