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          Wedding Photography Workshop in Barcelona"


          #lightbalanceworkshop is an offline wedding photography workshop, well… something more than only photography workshop, as during these two days I will share with you everything I consider “the must” info to know while launching your own photography business project. We will go through every aspect of the work as the wedding photographer, so you can define your strategy, create solid starting foundation for your business and let go all the fears which hold you back. Because there may be always lots of competitors, not sufficient budget to start, not enough photos for your portfolio or lack of time, bla bla, whatever, sure. Or it may be that for once you stop convincing yourself “why not” and you will jump outside of your comfort zone just because, you are good, so “Why not?”. You can always go back to apply for the office job, but could you forgive yourself for not trying to follow your dreams?


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          What do I get?

          Two days’ workshop.

          We will spend together two days full of information and techniques which will help you to grow your own project – besides the theoretical classes we also will have a couple session – we will do photos together as well as the postproduction part. The group is limited by 10 participants as a maximum.

          The total price is 250€ *in case of individual or online classes the price as well as the classes content will be tailored in accordance to your needs.


          Before the workshop

          We haven’t get started yet and there are already homeworks?

          Yes, please prepare 10 photos you like/define your style. Also find 3 photos from your childhood which are your favorite ones from back there. In top of that I will share with you an online questionnaire asking you to fill it as detailed as possible, so I can better prepare the content of the workshop following your interests and needs.

          What my students
          said about me









          I would repeat it a thousand times!

          I feel lucky to have attended Anna's workshop, to learn directly from her and to get know more about the business side as well. She shared with us everything, being completely transparent, motivated me to chase my dream, doing what I love the most, wedding photography. She has the great ability to transmit feelings through her photographs and to participate in the real couple session, seeing her how and what she captures was amazing. I would recommend Anna's workshop to everybody, wedding photographers and even other professionals, if what you want is to tell a story and reach your audience. I would repeat a thousand times!

          An easy choice!

          I'm new at photography and was looking for photography workshops to learn new things. I came across Anna's workshop and as I liked her photography style, it was an easy choice. It was a very good and insightful experience, Anna shared her experience with us, gave us a lot of important information, tips and we even had a styled wedding photoshoot with a beautiful couple! I can recommend Anna to those, who wants to start photography business and needs this last push to go and do it. I left inspired and ready to go! Thank you, Anna!

          We all became so motivated!

          I have had the opportunity to meet Anna in several occasions such as events, weddings, etc. and I have always found her work exceptional. So I decided to go one step further and attend her photography #lightbalanceworkshop. Besides to meet and have a great time with other starting professionals, I learned a lot about wedding photography... Anna knows how to capture the moments and the emotions of each person and on top of that she add it her very own and delicate touch in everything. During these two days we also could practice taking photos with a real couple... we all became so motivated! Whether you want to learn about photography or to hire a photographer for your own wedding or couple session, with Anna you will be choosing the best option. Thank you Anna for teaching me so much and for your dedication!

          100% well spent weekend.

          I attended Anna's workshop and it was Incredible, a 100% well spent weekend. Before starting, Anna passes you a questionnaire, which is great because she prepares the topic following that and all the answers to your many questions. In my case, I am super satisfied with all the info. So detailed and very easy to understand explanation!

          Course topics*

          Introduction . First clients . Business plan . Networking . Marketing . Web . Pricing . Tax & legal aspects . Workflow . The wedding day step by step . Equipment . Programs . Techniques . Edition . Delivery . Real couple session . Don’t compare & be yourself! . Feedback

          * The content may vary depending on the needs of each group of participants.

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