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        Wedding Photography - Frequently Asked Questions

        I believe you have many questions for your wedding photographer; since you only get married once, it’s natural to want to carefully choose the one who provides you with the photographs that will allow you to relive the moments and emotions of your day for decades to come.

        Here are the most frequently asked questions answered for you; I hope you find them helpful. If you need more information, please feel free to contact me anytime, I will look forward to hearing from you

        1. Are you available for a personal meeting before the booking?

        – Of course, I would love to meet you in person! If you live outside of Catalonia, we could talk also over Skype or FaceTime at a time that suits your schedule!

        2. Are you available for a wedding abroad?

        – Yeah! Of course! I live in Barcelona but I love to travel, so yes please, tell me where your wedding will take place and with pleasure I will be there for you during your big day!

        3. How long does it take to get the photos after our wedding?

        – The photographs will be ready and shared with you via online private gallery within 7 – 8 weeks. I edit all photos with absolute care to deliver a product that truly represents the magic of your one special day.

        4. Can you also offer us an album or printed photos?

        – Sure I can! The wedding photography package includes a wooden box with 20 printed photos and a wooden USB containing all edited photos. In addition, you can order an album. I can show you an example of each at our first meeting.

        5. What is the price for a wedding coverage?

        – All quotes are personalised to meet your requirements; Do I need to take a plane? Should I come with second photographer? Would you like to have your photos delivered also in printed version?  Just, let me know what you would like, tell me little more about your wedding, location, date, how many guests did you invited, and your other requirements so I can share a detailed quote with you.

        6. How many photographs do we get?

        – For an entire wedding day, I usually deliver 500 – 700 edited images; some pictures will be in black & white if this is suitable for you.

        7. How do we reserve our date with you?

        – Your wedding date can be reserved by signing the photography contract and a deposit of 40% of the total amount.

        8. Could you tell us more about your style?

        – My style is about capturing the feelings, I would say narrative and close. My purpose is to capture for you the real moments of the whole day: the laughs, tears, hugs, all the emotions which make your day so unique and which you would like to remember. Forced and artificial poses are not included in my photos. I try to keep it real. 🙂

        9. What else could you tell us?

        –   Well, everything you want to know, I know that it is a very important decision to make and that the photographer who will be with you during your wedding day not only has to take photographs you will really like, but also get along well with you, of course! If I have been invited to share and capture the memories of a Wedding day, I take this invitation very seriously and I promise to be the most respectful, attentive and at the same time invisible person, so what I capture in the photos it will be your real story. I would say that with me you don’t have to worry about the photos, about the timing, about the details, that I will be present all the time, observing, ready with the camera, with good humor and common sense, the hours that  will be needed.